Our Moms and Dads

Our puppy palace is currently home to four beautiful and social Old English Pocket Beagles

CooperOur proud poppa Cooper

Our resident Casanova, he loves to protect the girls and is the first one to run out his doggie door when something interesting is happening outside. Cooper is a lover and if you’re giving attention then he wants in on it!

He is our first dad here at Midwest Pocket Beagles.


Abbey one of our sweet mommas


Our sweet Abbey was the first momma to have puppies at Midwest Pocket Beagles. She is the dare devil of the group and loves to jump up and give kisses. She loves to cuddle and run out to investigate sounds outside with Cooper.












Bailey is our shy girl. She loves hanging out with Sadie and running outside to see what’s happening on the farm.








Ginger is our spirited, happy girl. She loves getting petted, and smelling anything in sight!