We feed our Old English Pocket Beagles holistic food and treats from Royal Canin. We’ve done our research and talked with our vet and this is the highest recommended food for dogs. There are no synthetic ingredients (which we wouldn’t want to eat either), essential minerals and nutrients that are important to their health!


They all love these awesome granola biscuits from Milk-Bone which are made from natural healthy ingredients (no soy, corn or artificial ingredients)


At the farm there is no lack of entertainment for our dogs! They’ve each got their favorite toys, bones to chew on and cows to look after in the pasture.


Pocket Beagles are great with kids, and their size makes them perfect for people living in apartments or houses. They love lap time, playing, and in general hanging out with you.

Do your dogs get people attention?

Absolutely! We are with them a lot and our grandchildren come over often and love and snuggle with them. These dogs are great with families and love to be around people!

Can I breed a dog I buy from you?

Currently, our pups are only intended as pets for loving homes, we are not offering breeding rights.


The price will vary depending on the color and markings on the puppy, just contact us to find out!

If I purchase a puppy when can I take it home?

Your puppy will be ready to come home with you at 8 weeks. This will give the puppy the chance to be properly weened from its mother to give it a great healthy start!

What about shots and vet care?

For all of our puppies we get them de-wormed, a full vet check and their first shots. It is important to us that our puppies are healthy and ready for their new forever homes!

Are your puppies registered?

Yes! Our dogs are registered as Old English Pocket Beagles.

I don’t live in Michigan, how do I get my puppy?

We will ship your puppy to your nearest airport, the cost for this is about $350.

What color are pocket beagles?

Traditional tri-colored, lemon, chocolate, chocolate and white, chocolate ticked, silver and white, blue ticked, black and white, & black and tan.

I found a puppy that I love on your site, how do I go about purchasing?

First of all, contact us! We do require half payment in order to hold a puppy until it is fully weened (which is 8 weeks old). This deposit can be made by check, cashier’s check or cash. We just need a 2 week clearing process for the checks.

If there is something we didn’t answer contact us and we would be delighted to answer your questions!